Let us introduce you to the Nohara Family

This is Shin chan. He might look like an ordinary 5-year-old kindergartner..... but looks can be deceiving.

There’s never a dull moment when Shin chan is around. He’s a cute and fun-loving five-year-old kindergartener who just cannot resist pretty ladies. His mother Misae can’t stand losing, and gets hysterical whenever her two kids are behaving naughty in public. Hiroshi, the dad, is an average office worker who has smelly feet, but at the end, is a reliable provider of the Nohara family. The baby sister is Himawari who loves cute boys and shiny bright gems, and their pet dog Shiro which was found and brought home by Shin chan. Whatever you do, don’t take your eyes off of Shin chan. Without a moment of notice, he can turn the calmest and most peaceful day upside down!

Let us introduce you to Shin chan's World.

Shin chan (Shinnosuke Nohara)

Shin chan is a 5-year-old kindergartener, and attracts attention from people around him. He loves pretty ladies and chocolate snacks ‘Chokobi’. His funny behaviors bother people, but only one person who can stop him is his mother, Misae!?

Misae Nohara - Shin chan’s mother

She has an older sister called Masae and a younger sister called Musae who is a photographer in-the-making. She stakes her life on collecting points of a supermarket, ‘Sato-kokonokado’ and buying food on a limited time sale. She likes the unsuccessful diet and a nap.

Hiroshi Nohara - Shin chan’s father

He works for Futaba Corporation, Sales Department, Second Section as a subsection chief. Shin Chan’s fondness of pretty ladies is from Hiroshi. What is unique about him is his smelling feet!

Himawari Nohara - Shin chan’s sister

She loves cool boys and shiny stuff such as jewels.

Shiro - Nohara family’s pet dog

It may be the most dependable in the family...

Kazama - Shin chan’s friend

He has lots of knowledge that ordinary kindergarteners do not have, and is an elite-orientated and confident boy.

Nene - Shin chan’s friend

She is quite the little lady for her age, and cheerful and cute girl. But, when she gets upset, she punches a rabbit-shaped stuffed toy to let off stream.

Masao - Shin chan’s friend

He is a weak-spirited and unlucky boy. His dream is to become a cartoonist.

Bo-chan - Shin chan’s friend

He is always a quiet and zoning out boy. But, when necessity arises, he becomes the most reliable.

Encho-sensei - The principal of Futaba Kindergarten

He is grim-looking, but gentle and earnest about education. He is not a gang boss.

Yoshinaga-sensei - A teacher of Futaba Kindergarten

She is a Shin chan’s class teacher, who is cheerful and gentle.

Matsuzaka-sensei - A teacher of Futaba Kindergarten

She is a class Rose’s teacher. She has gained momentum and high self-esteem, and has a rivalry with Yoshinaga-sensei.

Kamio-sensei - A teacher of Futaba Kindergarten

She is a class Sakura’s teacher. She is usually shy, but when she takes off her glasses, her character suddenly changes to violent.

Ai-chan - Shin chan’s friend

She is rich, and security guard always accompanies with her.

Kuroiso - Security guard

He looks after Ai-chan in stead of her parents.


She is a university student. Shin chan likes her very much. Her father is a novelist.

Yoshi-rin (Left) & Micchi (Right)

Lovey-dovey husband and wife. Wife, Micchi likes watching horror movies and collecting dinosaur’s plush toys.

Neighbour, lady

She lives next to Nohara family’s house, and likes rumors of people.


He is a university student who lives in a flat, Matazure-so.

Saitama Kurenai Sasori-tai

Tatsuko Fukazume (Centre): the leader of Saitama Kurenai Sasori-tai. Ogin Uonome (Left) & Mary Fukidemono (Right): members of Saitama Kurenai Sasori-tai. Three of them are in the final year of high school.

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