Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd.

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Toyo Suisan Kaisha, Ltd. Or just Toyo Suisan, is a Japanese company specializing in instant noodles. Toyo suisan is headquarted in Minato, Tokyo. It owns the brand Maruchan and operates three companies in the united states :
Maruchan, Inc. in Irvine, California,
Maruchan Virginia, Inc. in Richmond, Virginia,
Maruchan texas, Inc. in Von Ormy, Texas.

It was established in 1953 by Kazuo Mori as an exporter, domestic buyer and distributor of marine products. The Company entered the cold-storage business in 1955 and began producing and selling such processed marine food products as fish sausage in 1956. Toyo Suisan and its consolidated subsidiaries subsequently expanded operations into such other business fields as instant noodles, fresh noodles and frozen foods. At present, besides consumer foods for home use, they have a diverse range of easy-preparation food products for the commercial food service industry, including restaurants, specialty stores and industrial food service.

Maruchan, Inc.

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The story of Maruchan began in 1953

In 1961, Toyo Suisan was becoming a diversified food company and entered the instant noodle business with the goal to achieve higher quality noodle products which were then on the market in Asia. By 1970 Toyo Suisan ranked as one of Japan’s most prominent food companies. In 1972, Toyo Suisan entered the international market. Maruchan, Incorporated was formed in 1977 and opened its first, Ramen manufacturing plant in Irvine, California. America quickly discovered the convenience and great taste of Maruchan Ramen Noodle Soups. Maruchan, Inc. has since grown to include four state-of-the-art food processing facilities from coast to coast. Maruchan has a companywide commitment to always maintain consistent product quality, soup after soup. You can depend on Maruchan for quality, and proven, new products all made with the highest of standards. For over thirty years, Maruchan has never wavered from its initial goal when it brought its own variety of Ramen noodle soups to America. It was Maruchan’s goal to produce America’s highest quality Ramen noodle products and never compromise product quality.

Ajinomoto Co., Inc. - Eat Well, Live Well.

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In 2000, researchers at the University of Miami reported the presence of umami receptors on the tongue. Six years later, Ajinomoto’s Institute of Life Sciences discovered that similar receptors were also present in the stomach. The importance of glutamate—not only to our sense of taste but also for nutritional and physiological well-being—is being demonstrated more and more through our recent research. Our corporate slogan, “Eat Well, Live Well.” is actually an ideal that has been scientifically proven.

Today, the Ajinomoto Group continues to pursue this goal by contributing to society in our spheres of Life Support, Healthcare, Food Science, and Amino Science, and by continuing to explore the potential of amino acids in every aspect of life.